Video Creation & Video Use

Video Use Tips

What exactly is the Promo Video App?

It is a web based app that gives the user access to a huge range of professionally crafted video frames (storyboards). These video frames are customised by the user in the Video Editor engine of the app, and an animated promotional video is created for your use.

How do I run my videos on my waiting room TV?

Connect TV to the internet, open a web browser and enter the URL for the video you want to run. Click play, and the video will run on continuous loop until you close the browser window.

Should I download the videos I create?

You can download the videos you create in MP4 format, this functionality is available only for users on a yearly subscription plan.

We recommend you post the link to the video you want to use whenever possible. In this way whenever you update the video the updated video will play when someone clicks on the posted link.

What payment methods are available?

Recurring payments will be charged automatically, in advance, on a monthly or yearly basis according to your subscription. Currently we accept payments with Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and in any currency.

Can I remove the small copyright notice at the foot of the video?

The copyright notice on the foot of the video frame can only be replaced by re-seller subscription users.

Will multi language video templates be released?

We plan to release French and Spanish language video templates later in 2019. Go to the Video Templates page and register your interest for foreign language video templates.

Register Interest

How do I manage or cancel my account?

When you login to your PVC app, you will be taken to your dashboard. There is an account settings button which will take you to your account page. In the account page you can upgrade your subscription, change payment details or cancel your subscription.

Do I need to supply all the images to create the videos?

Most of the images and photos in the video frames included copyright free. You will need some good quality images of your dental providers, support staff and some premises photos if you want to include their profiles in the video templates.

How many videos can I create?

Why put limits on your creativity? Create as many videos as you want. We’re not counting.

How many users can I create?

Create as many users as you want, free!

Are new versions and update included?

All new versions and updates are included automatically, as long as you’ve got an active paid subscription.