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Supercharge your audience conversion rate by making it easy for them to get your contact details onto their mobile phone. Incorporate QR (Quick Reply) codes into all of your visual marketing media, use them in all your posts, on your website and in your street signage, it will be like an adrenaline hit to your marketing and new client inquiries.

All the promotional video templates we have created for use in the PVC app incorporate a two types of contact us pages; one for businesses wanting to use the QR code and one for businesses that do not want to create and use a QR code.

There are many suppliers of QR codes, some are free and some are paid subscriptions. here are some links to some QR code suppliers for you to check out, you can decide whats best for your business.

Scan the QR code in this post to see how powerful a tool this can be, we use https://www.qr-code-generator.com/ to create our QR code. Click on the link and create a free QR code for yourself as a trial.

Making QR codes is so easy and using them is even easier. I notice a 15% increase in new inquiries the month I installed QR codes into my digital marketing mix!

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