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The support offered to the Promo Video Creator is primarily a self-help system, incorporating how-to video tutorials. We will update these support pages to accommodate changes in the Promo Video Creator app functionality and features.

Real users of our subscription-based video app and free videos drive the development of our support videos. If you cannot resolve the problem that you are experiencing, you can reach out to us via the Chat option (when installed) or send us a Support Request.

Equal Opportunity Statement

Promo Video Creator is committed to creating a user community where all subscribers, support staff and partners are equally respected and valued and enjoy equity of both opportunity and outcomes.

Promo Video Creator recognises that gender and race inequality has the potential to limit and impact negatively on the safety, education, employment, family lives and opportunities of subscribers, support staff and partners and students, particularly women and girls, in the immediate and long term.

Promo Video Creator will take proactive steps to prevent discriminatory practices. Promo Video Creator recognises the prevalence and impact of gender and race-based discrimination and harassment and is committed to building a user culture that challenges the stereotypes, power differences and social norms that foster gender inequality.

Promo Video Creator recognises that gender and race inequality is both structural and individual; this means it results from personal attitudes and actions and biases in structures, systems, policies, and processes throughout our community.

Girls and boys, women and men, are subject to gendered stereotypes and expectations about behaving, thinking, and acting. These gendered stereotypes and expectations contribute to gender and race inequality by assigning unequal value, status and power to women and men. These expectations are reinforced by structures, systems, norms, and cultures that often privilege males’ knowledge, rights, perspectives, and skills over females.

Gender and race inequality can be both a cause and a consequence of direct and indirect discrimination. This discrimination is sometimes the result of unconscious bias when our behaviours, choices and practices are shaped by underlying assumptions and attitudes without us realising. Gender and race inequality is evident throughout our society, and research suggests it is one of the key factors driving the prevalence of gender and race-based violence.