Troubleshoot 2-Step Authentication

Resolving a Login Error.

To resolve an error message such as “There were some problems verifying your code, Please try again,” or “Invalid code,” try the following:

  1. Log out of Promo Video Creator (PVC).
  2. Delete the PVC account from your Google Authenticator app.
  3. Log back into PVC.
  4. Setup 2SA again.

To delete the PVC account from the Google Authenticator app:

  • On Android – hold the Promo Video Creator account until the option to delete appears, then tap Delete.
  • On iOS – tap the pencil in the top right of the screen, select Promo Video Creator, then tap Delete.

To delete an account from Authy, visit Authy Help Centre and follow the instructions there.

Resolving a Set Up Error.

Two-Step Authentication is time-based, so it’s important to enter the code promptly and ensure the time settings on your devices are synchronized.

You might get an error message saying you entered an invalid code if:

  • Your device’s time setting isn’t synchronized with the time setting on your computer
  • You took longer than 30 seconds to enter the code

Each code is only valid for 30 seconds, so make sure the code entered in PVC matches the one in your app when you click Login.

If you’ve manually changed the time on your mobile device, change your device settings to match the system-provided time, then try again.

Remember Me is Not Working.

Remember me for 30 days is linked to the specific computer and browser you’re using when you select it. It only works if you use the same computer and browser each time you log in.

You’ll need to use an authentication code to log in if:

  • You’re using a different web browser or computer
  • You’ve cleared cookies from your browser, or cookies aren’t enabled
  • You’ve turned on private browsing
  • You’re using a different internet connection
  • Another user has logged in on the same computer using the same browser

Cannot Find the Key or Barcode.

PVC shows the barcode or key during the setup of Two-Step Authentication. If you have already set up 2-Step Authentication, but need to rescan the barcode, you need to:

  1. Disable 2SA within PVC.
  2. Set up 2SA again.

During setup, PVC generates a new barcode or key to enter into your authenticator app.

Locked Out of Promo Video Creator.

To keep your account secure we temporarily lock your account after five unsuccessful login attempts. You can try logging in again after 15 minutes using either the authentication code or recovery methods.

If you still can’t log in after your account is unlocked, reach out to us at Contact Support to reset your account. You need to prove that you’re the owner of the account before we reset it. This may take some time, but it’s necessary to ensure there’s no unauthorized access to your account.

Transferring 2-Step Authentication to a New Phone.

If you need to transfer 2-Step Authentication to a new phone, visit our page Manage 2-Step Authentication and click Managing authentication on a new device.