Safety Tips for PVC

Important Considerations

Your PVC account contains sensitive data, such as product pricing and promotional initiatives for your business.

Security is a priority at PVC (PVC app), but it’s equally important you take steps to keep your data safe.

Do you believe you are the victim of a phishing email or fraudulent activity relating to your PVC account? Reach out via our  Support Request immediately.

***If you suspect your login details have been compromised, change them as soon as possible.

Login Security Strategy

Check for Encryption

When you log in to PVC, make sure the address bar is showing the padlock symbol. This safety symbol means that your login credentials are being encrypted.

Create a Strong Password

We have made it very difficult for a cybercriminal to crack your login credentials through our 3-element login protocol. Part of those three elements needs to be a strong password. Here are some tips for choosing a hacker-resistant password.

  • Make your password as random as possible. Simple passwords like “0000”, “123456789,” “admin,” and mirroring your username are the first ones hackers will try. You want a mix of numbers, capital and lowercase letters, and symbols.
  • Ensure it is different from your other passwords. If they crack your password on a less secure site elsewhere, they still can’t access your PVC account.
  • Do NOT Use Personal Life Details in Your Password. Don’t use the name of your pet or child. No birthdays, street addresses, or your anniversary date.

To create a password that’s secure but not easily forgotten you can use a passphrase. Something you can remember but would be hard for someone else to guess.

Password managers are also very useful in letting you use multiple strong passwords. You only need to remember one password to access the manager, which securely stores all your usernames and passwords.

Keep Your Login Details to Yourself

Never let anybody else know your password, even when you need help with a problem. PVC staff will NEVER ask for your username and password.

  • Each user in your organization should have their own account. That way there’s an audit trail of access and data changes.
  • If we need access to your PVC account, we’ll never ask for your login details.
  • If your marketing consultant, videographer, or photographer needs access to your PVC account, set them up as a user with their own login information.

Enable Two-Step Authentication

We recommend you add an extra level of security for your PVC login by enabling two-step authentication.

When you log in to PVC, you enter a code generated by an app on your phone or other devices. This means that even if someone did gain knowledge of your password, they can’t access your PVC organization without also having access to your authentication device.

Fake Support Sites

PVC offers support to all our users as part of your subscription. If you need help, you can visit you can access assistance through:

There are websites out there that pretend to be authentic support in order to steal your personal information. It can be hard to tell if a site is fake, but some clues are:

  • It lists a support phone number that is different from the one we list on our Support Request page.
  • The site charges for support. PVC offers unlimited free support as part of your subscription.
  • The site offers support for other products or services unrelated to PVC.
  • You’re asked for your login credentials. We never ask for login credentials and you should never share them with anyone.
  • Look closely at the URL of the email or support page. Fake sites will often use misspelled versions of the authentic web address- or not even match our URL at all! When in doubt, close out the page and go directly to