32′ Phillips Commercial Display

Product Features
  • 32-inch Philips commercial display screen, model 32BDL4550D, FHD 400 Nit D-Line – Android.
  • PVC signage software on-chip, including all software updates.
  • Paired with your practice PVC Play Scheduler.
  • Auto downloads new/edited videos.
  • Auto-updates all playlists.
  • Auto-updates all playlist start and stop times.
  • Plays a video playlist on a continuous loop.
  • 36-month screen repair or replacement program.
  • Turn the screen off and on to perform all auto-updates.
  • Screen installation: see detail below.
Screen Installation Includes
  • Installation on existing screen mount
  • Installation height of fewer than 8 feet of the floor.
  • Connection to business internet with Wi-Fi or ethernet connection within 3 feet of the screen.
  • Powerpoint must be within 3 feet of the screen.


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