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Unique Selling Points

We are introducing the complete end to end Video Marketing App for dental practices. Even junior dental staff can create unlimited, fully customised, attention-grabbing, high-definition videos to propel sales and build brand loyalty.

Our AI-Powered app lets dental practices create powerful marketing videos in less than 3 minutes. Our mission is to increase revenue opportunities for busy, time-poor dentists and improve oral health outcomes for patients. We achieve this by providing an easy to use video creator app dental practices can use to create and deploy custom videos on websites, socials, waiting rooms, operatories and shop fronts.

Promotion of your Dental Services with videos will add punch and supercharge your advertising mix, increasing inquiries about the dental services you provide.

Marketing your brand with our beautiful and informative Oral Health Education Videos will add value and build brand loyalty with patients and website visitors.

Establishing a human level connection with patients using our Dental Team Videos that include team member images, bio’s, job titles and education qualifications will grow brand loyalty.

Create video playlists with our built-in Play Scheduler and play them on our Phillips high-brightness Play Screens to harness the power of video marketing. We can install patient-facing screens in your practice, and combined with our Turn-Key Add-ons adopting video marketing for your dental practice is made too easy.