Affiliate Program Functionality

General Overview

We use Post Affiliate Pro, the world’s number one affiliate sales tracking app. You are given a unique ‘affiliate link’ when you sign up for our affiliate program. To operate your affiliate business, you will need to share this link with dentists, dental practice owners and managers.

Clicks on the shared links are tracked by Post Affiliate Pro and can be viewed on your affiliate dashboard. Likewise, product sales are tracked, and the commission earned will appear on your affiliate dashboard.

Sales Life Cycle

Your role as an affiliate is to introduce dental practices interested in our PVC app to our sales team, and we manage the rest of the sales cycle. How easy is that!

Create your prospect list using your database of dentist contacts.

Introduce the PVC program to your contacts via email, placing a banner on your website or on social media.

Dentists interested in our product offering are identified by us using Request Demo Forms on our website or directly by you.

Our video marketing consultants will schedule a virtual or onsite product demonstration and try to close the sale.

We will arrange the photography, videography and image editing addons the practice has purchased.

We will arrange the setup and installation of any rental play screens the practice has purchased.

Our onboarding team will provide 2 hours of setup support and staff training using the PVC app to create and manage videos.

Recurring sales of Play Screen Rentals and Subscription Plans are automatically renewed until cancelled by the practice.

Link Sharing Strategies

Email Campaigns to Dentist Contacts

  • Copy the simple text links, insert them into an email and send them to your dentist’s database and
  • Include a PVC image link in your email signature and
  • Include images and text links to dentists about the PVC opportunity in your newsletter.

Place a PVC Banner on your Website

  • Choose a banner in your affiliate portal and copy the code, or
  • Design your banner and insert your affiliate link into your banner, then
  • Insert the banner code into your website.

Share Banners on Social Pages

  • Choose a banner or text link in your affiliate portal and copy the code.
  • Insert the banner code or text link into your social media pages or posts.

Onsite Sales Strategies

Some of our affiliates like the personal onsite approach as they work in practice. In this case, you can:

  • Navigate them to the Dental Intro 2022 landing page,
  • Do your sales speel as they view the page, and
  • Please help them fill out the Request Demo form and include your affiliate name in the field to qualify for one of your discount coupons.