Corporate Profile

Our governing board and the advisory committee include industry professionals from every industry we support with customised templates. Click on the links directly below to get a comprehensive view of how our partner program will work for you.

Registered Legal Entity:

Promo Video Creator app and its associated collateral are managed under licence by Richview Pty Ltd. Our head office is located in Suite 1D, 419 Townsend St, Albury NSW, Australia.

Industry Experience:

For the past 30 years, the primary business activity of the founder has involved the establishment and operation of highly successful dental practices across Australia. Being an early adopter of practice computerisation back in 1990 when a business PC with 20 megabytes of memory was the norm, we have always been at the cutting edge of the digital tsunami that continues today.

Problem Solved:

The small and medium-sized dental practice owners I have surveyed tell me that they cannot find animated promotional video solutions that are easy to use, quick to update/maintain and deliver to their target market at an affordable price.

Our PVC App has solved this problem. Our Australian launch in 2022 targets the dental practice industry with dozens of customisable content-rich promotional video templates. Dental practices using our PVC App can quickly and simply create branded animated promotional videos to advertise and promote their professional services over the internet and in their waiting rooms, explainer videos for dental health education, videos for animated signage use and more… What’s more, the video we produce are easily editable and automatically update across the web, wherever they have been posted.

Check out our dental video templates here

Our Products

Our mission is to make low-cost, high-quality video marketing available for busy, time-poor dental practice owners. We achieve this by providing an affordable suite of products and services which include:

A Subscription-Based Web App

Our video creator app for dentists is an AI-powered app you can use to create and deploy custom videos on shop fronts, websites, socials, dental operatories, waiting rooms and staff rooms. It creates custom, eye-catching high-definition videos for dental practices in less than 3 minutes.

These videos are saved on our server and can easily be edited when needed. The videos hosted by us can also be downloaded as high definition MP4 video files.

A High Brightness Commercial Play Screen

We also install Phillips high brightness commercial display screens (play screens) with the PVC Video Player. This play screen automatically downloads the videos from the playlists you have created with your PVC video creator app and plays them on a continuous loop each day of the week.

Our Play Screens are sold on a rental basis and are available in a range of sizes from 32 inches to a massive 98 inches and can be installed in a Landscape or Portrait orientation. These rental screens come with a lifetime repair or replacement warranty.

Turn-Key Addons

We can do it all for you, rolling out video marketing for a dental practice is as simple as; identifying the best screen size, picking one of three PVC subscription plans, and selecting the Plan Addon that best suits the dental practice.

The target market for the PVC app is small to medium-sized businesses, our launch offering is focused on the English speaking dental practice market around the globe.