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Orthodontic Video Templates Now Available
Orthodontic Video Templates Coming Soon

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Using orthodontic Video Templates in the Waiting Room! READ MORE!

Orthodontic Video Templates

Dr Denver Maloney designed a series of orthodontic video templates for dental practices using the Promo Video Creator app. The templates’ relevant images and text content are auto-replaced with your practice content and collateral. These orthodontic templates will be available in up to 23 colour versions.

Create orthodontic video playlists with our built-in Play Scheduler and play them on our Phillips high-brightness Play Screens to increase orthodontic sales by harnessing the power of video marketing. We can install patient-facing screens in your practice, and combined with our Turn-Key Add-ons adopting video marketing for your dental practice is made too easy.

Other Marketing Applications

  • OFF-PREMISES branding for your orthodontic services includes social media posting, YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • OPTIMISE SEO by uploading the orthodontic videos to your practice website to improve visitor engagement and increase time spent on your website.

More video marketing tips are available here: http://promovideocreator.com/video-marketing-tips/

Why Use Videos in Marketing?

Four reasons why you need orthodontic video marketing:

  1. Video marketing is 100% proven to increase practice revenue.
  2. Creating custom videos is no longer horrendously expensive or time-consuming.
  3. The investment is small, with ROI being well over 1000%.
  4. Video marketing is the most potent form of marketing available for dentists because it delivers complex dental content faster than any other medium.

Five reasons why video marketing works:

  1. The speed at which video communicates complex dental topics to a target audience is unrivalled.
  2. Videos are watched because the human eye is genetically programmed to detect and track movement; this is part of the primal fight or flight reflex
  3. Many astute dental practice owners include videos in their marketing mix for many reasons besides increasing revenue.
  4. Videos are proven to drive sales for services such as digital implants.
  5. Using videos to deliver dental health education content in the waiting room is a proven strategy to build patient goodwill and brand loyalty.

Why Use the PVC Video Marketing Solution

With the Promo Video Creator (PVC) app, you will create custom, eye-catching high-definition videos for your practice in less than 3 minutes without spending thousands of dollars per video. Click on the Book Demo button in the image below to discover more and see how easy it is to deploy video assets across your digital footprint using PVC.

To start a 30-day free trial of the PVC app, visit here: https://my.promovideocreator.com/signup. Note you do not need a credit card to activate the free trial.

Want free use of the program for life? You could qualify by helping our team develop video templates for your business needs! CLICK HERE!

Videos are a perfect marketing tool for dental practices because they are second to none in communicating abstract and complicated concepts.