Orthodontic Video Templates

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Orthodontic Video Templates

Dr Denver Maloney designed a series of orthodontic video templates for dental practices using the Promo Video Creator app. The relevant images and text content will automatically replace your practice content and collateral. Most templates in this orthodontic series are available in more than 23 colour versions.

The marketing applications for the orthodontic videos created using these templates include:

  • OFF-PREMISES branding for your orthodontic services includes social media posting, YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • ON-PREMISES branding by playing the orthodontic videos created on the reception or waiting room area screen(s).
  • OPTIMISE SEO by uploading the orthodontic videos to your practice website to improve visitor engagement and increase time spent on your website.

More video marketing tips are available here: https://promovideocreator.com/video-marketing-tips/

To start a 30-day free trial of the PVC app, visit here: https://my.promovideocreator.com/signup. Note you do not need a credit card to activate the free trial.

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Why Use Videos in Marketing?

In the last few years, video marketing has become a crucial aspect of promoting products and services. But, the question is whether this marketing technique is valuable for your business or not? However, according to some surveys, experts concluded that video marketing significantly impacts buyers and consumers and is more likely attracted to video content.

Creating videos is a modern way of explaining abstract and complicated concepts. Our 2D animated video templates will bring your service and product concept to life with entertainment, presenting the content in a super-easy way to consume.

Your customer or client is time-poor and does not want to spend time reading articles and listening to podcasts; why not give them an easy way? Instead of writing long-form articles and product reviews, create a video that can be shared millions and billions of times on the internet or manually.

Why Animated Videos?

Video animation allows a person to put endless creativity into marketing messages. Marketers use the help of animated videos to explain complex and fantasy-based concepts.

Orthodontic Video Templates Coming Soon

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