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Say goodbye to dull, text-heavy content! With captivating videos, you can instantly capture attention and immerse viewers in an interactive experience that keeps them hooked and hungry for more.

Power of Video Marketing

Dental Launch August 2023

Dominate Your Market

Stand head and shoulders above your competitors by unleashing the full force of video marketing. Captivate your audience with stunning visuals and compelling narratives that showcase your practice's unique selling points. Leave a lasting impression that cements your position as the go-to dental solution in town.

Unleash the Viral Power:

Ready to reach a massive audience? Videos have the potential to go viral, spreading like wildfire across social media platforms. Imagine the exponential growth that can come from shares, likes, and comments as your practice becomes the talk of the town. Get ready to welcome a flood of new patients.

Ignite Your Online Presence

Boost your website's search engine rankings and online visibility with video content. Search engines love engaging videos, and by incorporating them into your website and marketing campaigns, you'll skyrocket to the top. Get found by those actively looking for dental solutions and watch your patient base expand.

Forge a Deeper Connection:

Unlock the unbridled power of personal connections through videos. Introduce your team, showcase your state-of-the-art facility, and highlight the compassionate care you provide. Establish an immediate bond with potential patients as they resonate with the human side of your practice. It's more than dentistry; it's about forming connections that last a lifetime.

Future of Dental Marketing

Take the leap into the future of dental marketing and revolutionize your practice! With video marketing, you'll captivate, educate, and conquer your market like never before. Supercharge your success and leave your competitors in the dust.

Video Creator App

Maximize your impact with customizable video templates that incorporate your branding in minutes, allowing you to effortlessly create dozens of engaging content-rich videos.


Powerfully Engaging

Harness the power of engaging videos that drive your target market to want and buy your services. Experience transformational results as you witness increased desire and enthusiastic investment in your exceptional offerings.


Powerful First Impressions

Harness the potent force of engaging videos, doubling your chances of converting viewers into eager appointment-setter's.


Australian Launch

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategy and skyrocket your business's success. Invest in our video marketing app today and embark on a path towards unrivaled digital triumph.


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App – Features & Benefits Below

Visual Video Editor

  •  Creating video dashboards in the PVC app is visually simple
  • Easily find and view a video template for your next promotional initiative
  • Finding a saved video in your video library is quick and easy. With just one click you can view the full details with our visual interface
  • A one-time upload your business details and images fully automates video frame customisation, you just choose which frames to include in the video

Posting Videos, Too Easy

  •  Each of your saved videos will be allocated a unique URL
  •  You can post these URL’s as links anywhere. Clicking on the links will launch our web based video player, which will run the video on continuous loop until the browser window is closed
  • You can also embed saved videos anywhere you choose
  • Download saved videos as MP4 and post them anywhere
  • Run them on Smart TV or Display monitor screens anywhere in your premises
  • Send them to selected clients via SMS

Create Videos For

  • Promoting the services you provide on your website, social media and SMS campaigns
  • Running special offer campaigns with discounts
  • Social media posts to celebrate speccial occasions such as staff birthdays, promotions…
  • Internal marketing through your reception/waiting room smart TV or display monitor…
  • Digital signage such as your business name, business hours on your shop front…
  • Menu boards like the ones you see at McDonald’s restaurants…
  • Human Resources such as staff inductions, process training…
  •  And more…

Video Marketing Power

  •  Increase search engine visibility by posting videos on your website
  •  Videos are shared 1200 times more than text alone
  • Add QR codes to your videos to make it easy for new clients to get your contact details
  • Videos increase audience engagement and new client numbers

Inexpensive Marketing Video Creator

  • Create unlimited videos from just $48 per month
  • Edit your videos as your business changes with no additional cost
  •  Edited videos are automatically updated on all sites the video link was posted on at no additional cost
  •  Creating new videos is quick and easy saving on staff time

Future Plans

  • Menuboard videos for restaurants and cafes
  • Video templates for businesses such as plant nurseries, hospital cancer clinics, builders, veternarian’s…
  • Dental videos in Spanish, French, German and some Scandinavian languages in late 2020
  • Dental videos for other Non-English speaking nations in late 2020


Protection For Your Online Brand

Activity Log

When you log on to PVC, you’ll see the date and time of your last login at the top of the page. You can also view all of your PVC dashboard activity on each video in your library.

SMS Verification

To be released in 2021

You can set up SMS to add a further level of security to your subscription account secure when creating and editing your promotional videos with a one-time security code sent via SMS notification.

Independent Audits

We work closely with independent IT experts to verify the security of our systems, which includes reviews of system architecture, firewall configurations, network device security and web application security.

Security Experts

We have security experts monitoring threats and regularly testing our service to ensure they remain safe and secure. Our experts also work closely with law enforcement agencies when required to protect your brand.

Lockouts and Timeouts

If someone tries to guess your PVC app password, your account will be temporarily locked after a number of unsuccessful attempts. Also, if you stop using PVC and haven’t logged out, we’ll log you out.

Data Encryption

All data sent and received from your computer to our secure systems is encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure confidentiality.
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