Video Marketing App For

Increase revenue and build brand loyalty using fully customised, attention-grabbing, high-definition content-rich dental videos. Create unlimited videos in just 3-Minutes per video and edit them as needed.


Our mission is to increase revenue opportunities for busy, time-poor dentists and improve oral health outcomes for patients using dentist created video content.

Our AI-Powered app lets dental practices create powerful marketing videos in less than 3 minutes.

Visual Video Editor

Video editing is easy as looking at and clicking to remove unwanted frames (story-board) from your video. Junior staff will be capable of completing this task that takes less than 2 minutes.

Image Auto Insertion

After a one-time upload, AI-driven video template processing auto-replaces the images/photos of your staff, premises, practice logo, partner logos and more.

Auto-Insert Pricing

Practices choosing to advertise services pricing or special offers will love this feature. The AI-functionality behind this feature makes it super easy to create unique advertising videos with pricing.

Content Auto-Insertion

A one-time recording of text content such as practice names, staff names, job titles, boi’s, education, business hours, digital addresses etc., is required to activate this feature.

Click to Create Videos

Generation MP4 video happens in the background; you will receive a notification when the video is ready to use.

Intuitive Template Finder

Locating and reviewing suitable video templates will take less than 60 seconds with our 10-Level search filter. The dropdown search incorporates universally recognised dental terminology, making it easy to locate the suitable video template.